We provide structured and closely monitored exercise programs. The program is directed to improve peak oxygen consumption, maintenance of physical abilities and fitness, improve functional status, quality of life, and work return.  

RTW is able to support Harmony with their drive to lower their TB epidemic. TB, which is already an important part of Harmony’s agenda, should be linked to the wellness and lifestyle program.


The incidence of TB will continue to increase as long as workers are exposed to environmental risks.  

This is exacerbated by other medical conditions such as immune compromising conditions such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, substance abuse and other health problems. 


Statistics from the formative assessment will allow the multi-disciplinary team to address these health risks at each of the Harmony shafts. Improving the health and wellness at the shafts, supported by our STOP TB-Maintenance.


Program should have a positive effect on controlling TB infections within Harmony.

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