Risk Assessment enables and empowers employers to systematically identify and address risks,  to recognise and prevent occupational safety and health hazards. At STO we believe that risk assessment should form an integral component of any company’s health and wellness program. 


A risk assessment is conducted to identify and priorities the risks that most severely impact health and safety in an environment.

Workers would need to understand the cardinal importance of their personal health and wellness in improving and optimizing, not only their personal quality of life, but also their safety, productivity and job satisfaction at work. 


They would need to see that management places a high priority on individual worker health and wellness as an occupational health and safety control measure.






Identify the hazards 

(what could go wrong?)

Decide who might be harmed and how. (What can go wrong if exposed

to the hazard?)

Identify the risks (how

bad? and how often?)

and decide on the precautions (is there a need for further action?)

Record your findings, proposed action and identify who will lead on what action. Then record the date of implementation

Review your assessment and update if necessary