Pre-mature born babies may cause parents to  stress and worry.  We have developed a  program to assist parents through this period. The program has beendeveloped with the aim of preparing you in taking care of your  baby’s special needs. In Neo-natal ICU we will take care of your babies' Sensory Stimuli, Positioning and Neuro-developmental movements

Neo-Natal ICU induction of the parents, explaining and providing the parents with the program information and education booklets. Stimulation, sensory stimulation and handling of the prematurely born baby are explained.



Neuro-developmental techniques (NDT) and sensory integration stimulation is done with the baby on a daily basis.  Parents will be taught how to perform the techniques and stimulation, to enable them to continue with these at home.  BABY STIMULATION PROGRAMS  NEURO-DEVELOPMENTAL TECHNIQUE  PROGRAM   - NDT The NDT program does not only  facilitate the Neuro-Developmental stimulation of the pre-mature born baby, but also has a supportive role toward the parents.  The early arrival of a tiny baby can be very overwhelming, creating fear and anxiety.  We teach the parents how to handle and stimulate their babies.  The program is accompanied by a three part booklet series to support the parents and the baby after hospital discharge. 

Parents can attend lectures which will explain Neuro-development, handling  and getting to know your baby, sensory requirements, etc. Parents will also have the opportunity to practice on a baby doll. 


It is normal for parents to  be scared and worried about the sudden arrival of their very tiny baby.  The Neo-natal ICU will often be a frightening experience. 


Personalising the incubator:   Your baby will receive a name tag and photo. Family photo  can be placed near your baby. Your baby's hand print and foot print will be taken.  ​Siblings can draw a picture for your baby. Kangaroo Care and Breast Feeding are recommended. 


We will be able to supply you with additional support such as: Preemie Dummies (Pacifiers), Preemie Diapers, Preemie Booklet with home exercises,  Post Natal Stress Screening for mom.