A joint replacement is a surgical procedure in which the damaged cartilage articulation surfaces or parts of the bone are removed and replaced with the new artificial part. ​This creates a new, smooth surface which allows smooth gliding and a pain-free, functional joint.

Type of joint replacements:

  • Total Hip Arthroplasty

  • Hip Hemi-Arthroplasty

  • Bi-polar Hip Arthroplasty

  • Total Knee Arthroplasty

  • Uni-Compartment Knee Arthroplasty 

  • Shoulder Hemi-Arthroplasty

  • Reversed Shoulder Arthroplasty


The most common cause of joint deterioration is osteoarthritis; wear and tear, infections and underlying diseases.  Other possible causes include inflammatory arthritis (eg, rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis),  disorders of infancy and childhood, osteonecrosis (avascular necrosis), and trauma.


Replacement surgery is advised when all other treatment options have failed to provide adequate pain relief.  

BCOP - Arthroplasty Program

Bio-Psychosocial Clinical Outcomes Pathway



The Smit-Botha Clinical Outcomes Pathway (BCOP), is an Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement ) program, developed by Anne-Marie Smit - Occupational Therapist and Dr. Pieter Botha -Orthopaedic Specialist, following research done from 2006 and is ongoing.


The BCOP is based on national and international best medical practice and research.  The BCOP is a patient specific Arthroplasty program, where each patients Bio-psychosocial factors are considered to adapt intervention where needed to influence outcome.


The Smit-Botha BCOP provide the patient with appropriate and patient specific clinical support so that you can make an informed decision.  It provides the patient with an individualised and holistic patient intervention plan to ensure optimal treatment and outcome.   Intervention will be adapted towards the Bio-Psychosocial factors in your life,  which may influence your recovery process. 


The Smit-Botha BCOP consists of:

  • Bio-Psychosocial Clinical Pathway (BCP),

  • Pre-operative Outcomes-prediction Measurement (PrOM),

    • POP score​

    • PORP score

  • Patient Profiling

  • Pre-operative Education (PE),

  • Post-operative Outcome Measurement (POM),

  • Adaptive Treatment -Intervention Program (ATIP),

  • Post-operative discharge Education (POD) and

  • Continues Quality Improvement Program (QP).

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Each patient receives an information brochure, together with a Pre-Operative Education and Post-Operative discharge session. This  will assist the patient to understand what can be expected before, during and after the joint replacement surgery.








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Research has proven that a happy, relaxed and educated patient recovers faster and that their wounds heal quicker.   Happy and satisfied patients have better overall results.  We want you to have the best possible experience.  We will provide you with the knowledge and tools for the best possible experience and outcome.  

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